Captain's Beard Off Fundraiser

Kyle Irvin and Jason Kolodziej of the Lone Star Warriors are raising funds for our upcoming disabled veteran ice hockey tournament: 

2021 USA Hockey Warrior Classic

November 4-7 2021

Voorhees/Sewell, New Jersey.

These funds are going DIRECTLY to Lone Star Warriors, LLC, a 501C3 charity, and should be tax-deductible (I am not a tax expert though, LOL!) We will be using these funds to help cover some of the registration and travel costs for our disabled veterans to participate: rental vehicles, team registration fee, help offset player travel costs, etc. I am hoping to raise $1500 for the registration fee. However, I'm hopeful we will raise more and possibly help with a team dinner or financial assistance for anyone going through hard times.

How does this work? What are the rules?

- 3 categories of facial designs:

Embarrassing Me


Regular Cuts

  • You choose a design in one of the below categories and click on the Paypal link for that category.

  • You choose that design in the options list under "Use this donation for."

  • Then pay your donation! $20, $25, or $30 options based on the category.

  • If you donate $100, you get rounded up to the next number of votes: 6, 5, and 4 respectively.

***You can also double click on any image for the Paypal Button***

I have a wedding to perform in early November for a close friend, so we will close the voting on November 1st and then we will announce a winner. I will be forced to wear that design for 2 weeks and keep it trimmed accordingly. 

I intend to have the design cut by a professional barber and shared on Facebook you can share in the fun, excitement, or embarrassment !


Jason Kolodziej has joined the party!

Special guest appearance by Jason Kolodziej, Golden Kolache if we reach $3000!!!!


$15/vote, 7 votes for $100

Embarrassing Me

  1. Helmet Strap

  2. Monkey Tail

  3. Swirl Beard

  4. Neck Beard

  5. Double Mustache

  6. Half and Half

  7. Bullseye

$10/vote, 11 votes for $100


  1. Friendly Mutton Chops - Bill Murray

  2. Tony Stark

  3. Wolverine

  4. Brother Stach - Hulk Hogan

  5. Captain Jack Sparrow

  6. Soul Patch - Howie Mandel

  7. Amish/Dutch Beard

$5/vote, 21 votes for $100

Regular Cuts

  1. Baby Face - Clean Shaven

  2. Full Beard - Keep It Growing

  3. Mustache - Ned Flanders

  4. Full Goatee

  5. Short Full Beard

  6. Van Dyke - Colonel Sanders

  7. Ducktail - Trimmed Pointy Beard


Notice: In the unlikely chance that this tournament is cancelled or rescheduled (crossing fingers), we will use these funds for either our next travel tournament or event. These tournaments are intented to bring disabled veterans together and any use of these funds will go towards that goal! 
Thank you to everyone!

LSW Classic Champions.jpg