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Warrior Division - All Teams

Warrior hockey schedules are below. For our 3 teams playing in multiple divisions, you have PDFs you can download below with ALL of your games. There are also schedules broken down for each division. Click on the button below to open a PDF and save it for use all weekend. Please note locker room assignments and map information

Dallas Warriors
Colorado Warriors
St Louis Blues Warriors


WARRIOR A: Lone Star Warriors, STL Blues Warriors, Colorado Warriors, Long Island Warriors

WARRIOR B: Dallas Warriors, Colorado Warriors, STL Blues Warriors, Louisiana Warriors

WARRIOR C: Dallas Warriors, STL Blues Warriors, Colorado Warriors, Nomads

WARRIOR D: Dallas Warriors, Fort Worth Patriots, STL Blues Warriors, Delta Warriors

Locker Room Information:

We have done our best to accommodate suggestions from last year. Locker Room assignments are on the schedule, along with Home/Away status.

-Rooms 1 and 3 are small, so we have given teams 2 rooms.

-Rooms A-F are curtain/rod in the back and have access to 2 separate shower rooms (Home and Away) without walking in public. Please stay decent and remain covered.

You may have to travel from 1/3 to the Arena side and A-F to Community side, please follow the paths outlined. Sunday will be more difficult due to an Allen Americans so please be patient.

ARENA: Home Teams enters from the South and uses the South showers

AWAY team enters from the North and uses the North showers

Locker Room Layout

CUTX Map Info ON.png
CUTX Event Center-Parking Map (WEB)_edited_edited.jpg
  • If you are coming from the hotel, you will enter at the West entrance. 

  • If you are driving to the event, you will park in the South Parking Garage and enter from the South entrance

  • The blue parking area is for Vendors loading/unloading. Please use the parking garage!

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